Having trouble seeing socket sizes???         This EXCITING, NEW PRODUCT solves that problem!          And right HERE is where you get them!               At a small fraction of the cost of Laser Etched alternatives.       Saves you Time, Frustration and money!             Put them on ALL your sockets!           Add them to your wrenches too!                      Stick them on your socket rails and other storage devices!                     Sell them at your business!                        Work without glasses or eye strain!         See the sizes clearly from  across the room!

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SocketLabels are die-cut vinyl labels ( decals ) with large, easy to read SIZES.  Just stick them on your sockets to add amazing visual clarity.  The sizes are big enough to be seen from several feet away.  The labels are UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-reflective and tough enough to last for years.


All you need to do is clean a spot on the tool, then pick a size, peel it off and stick it to your socket!   We even provide alcohol swabs to clean the sockets!

  To get the best product possible we contacted the company that makes decals for NASCAR racing teams. We hired them to produce our labels using the same materials and methods. 

They also make the decals you recognize on racing helmets and dozens of other national products (see a list on our Benefits page).

SocketLabels are approximately 1/2" diameter die-cut labels.  They are plenty big enough to be seen but still small enough to fit on smaller tools. They come in a set of 29 of the most common socket sizes. Each sheet contains a second identical set absolutely FREE!  That's 58 total labels per sheet.

We made them color coded so you can easily tell     SAE     from METRIC

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You can get them for as little as $1.50 per sheet.

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